Freshly Shuffled on Droid X™

First Glance:

  1. Supports AndroidOS™ 1.6 & up
  2. Requires < 2 MB Device Storage
  3. Conserves Battery Life
  4. Advertisement Free

Coming Updates:

  1. Automatic Solving
  2. Larger & Non-square Puzzles
  3. Alternate Hint Method
  4. Selectable Puzzles
  5. Downloadable Puzzle Packs

BonYong™ BonYong is an intuitive game that is fun and challenging to play!
This game is fantastic for players of all ages! Can a puzzle be solved in 70 moves, or 400?! Let your skill and intuition be your guide. Since the time of the Ancients, this classic sliding-puzzle, now in digital form with BonYong, has fascinated and entertained people around the world. Once you pick it up, it's almost impossible to put it down!

Game Hilights:

  • BonYong includes 10 (ten) levels/puzzles
  • BonYong implements the OverDrive™ Technology Engine
  • BonYong offers advanced heuristics
  • BonYong supports device rotation for easier play

In-Game Settings:

  • Optional Hints - Can't figure out what pieces go where, or it looks solved but isn't telling you you've won? Probably have a piece or two still not quite where they belong. Turning this option on will show you where all pieces go.
  • Bad Hit Vibration - Haptic feedback is supported so that if you press a tile that can't move, you'll feel just a tiny shake of the device (if 'haptic' feedback active & supported on device).
  • Auto State Save - No need to save your game, it automatically does it. You can however, start an entirely new game, or reset the current puzzle, at any time.
  • Move Counting - Keeps track of how many moves you've made on the current puzzle. Beat your own score by doing the puzzle again in fewer moves, or compete against your friends!
  • Puzzle Reset - Let's you reset and reshuffle the current puzzle without starting at the beginning.

ElectronChamber, Inc. is commited to its loyal userbase. Every product we develop has an Improvement Lifecycle. As you can see from the list on this page, several updates planned or already in the works for BonYong™! Although most are self-explanatory, there are a handful we're detailing (below) for clarification--

Coming Updates:

  • Alternate Hint Method - Maybe you don't want to know where all the pieces belong, you just want to know what the next move would be the best? The game, with this hint, will automatically hilite the next piece it suggests you move.
  • Larger & Non-square Puzzles - Most 'droid screens are not square-- as such, we think it'd be nifty to use that extra realestate for larger puzzles!
  • Selectable Puzzles - Want to play the same puzzle whenever you want, instead of advancing to the next one? No problem, this will let you choose your favorite!
  • Downloadable Puzzle Packs - We think it would be nice to be able to acquire new puzzles as they are released. This update will allow you to do so!

Puzzle Images

us coins
crab pot
in flight
steam engine